At Whiteray and Delving we provide a variety of advisory services in the field of forensic psychiatry, anywhere in the world. From simply arranging lectures and workshops on specific clinical and medicolegal topics, to supervision and evaluation of established forensic services, or planning entire national forensic psychiatric service systems and curricula, we are happy to contribute our expertise.

Due to years of experience, we are comfortable in collaborating with local, regional or national institutions, authorities or service providers, whether legal, medical, administrative or educational, in any cultural context.

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Forensic Psychiatry

Forensic psychiatry is a truly multidisciplinary medical specialty. It is based on detailed knowledge of psychiatric medicine and law.

Publications and links

Experts at W&D are active members of the international network of researchers and clinicians in the psychiatric and medicolegal community.


The core of W&D's expertise comprises an array of diverse and mutually supportive professional backgrounds relevant to the forensic psychiatry.